Fotofacial, is it the skin solution for you?

Charlotte Fotofacial - Charlotte NC

Fotofacial rejuvenation technology can give you younger and fresher looking skin Fotofacial is a photorejuvenation technique that dermatologists now offer to patients who are looking to erase years of damage done to their skin. The skin starts to lose its elasticity and develop wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration as the years go on. Aside from the natural aging process, skin that has been mistreated tends to age much faster, and develop many more of these facial flaws at a younger age. By not using sunscreen when we go outside, not drinking enough water every day, and/or smoking cigarettes, we can really do some harm to our precious skin. Thankfully, there is technology available that can help us renew our skin and take away some of the damage we have done to it. Charlotte Fotofacial is a revolutionary non-ablative skin rejuvenating technique that uses intense pulsed light to get rid of problem areas on our skin and to treat skin conditions. What is Fotofacial? Fotofacial works by using pulses of high intensity light that target the deeper layers of the skin. By being able to deliver its light only to the deeper areas of the skin, and not the surface, Fotofacial…

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Fotofacial questions and answers by Charlotte dermatologist

Best Fotofacial - Charlotte NC

Fotofacial rejuvenation questions are answered for those looking to refresh their skin Fotofacial is a revolutionary new skin youthening procedure that is available for those who wish to have younger looking skin. It’s reasonable to have questions about a dermatological procedure, which is why we’ve put together this guide to answer all of the questions you may have. Reading up on Fotofacial is a great way to learn more about it, however all those who are interested in this treatment should schedule an appointment with their dermatologist to discuss whether or not it is right for them. How does best Fotofacial make your skin look younger? Best Fotofacial involves using radiofrequency energy beams to selectively target blood vessels and pigment that is located underneath the surface of the skin. The wonderful thing about this technology is that it doesn’t touch any skin cells that are on top of the skin, on the outermost layer. This means that it causes the least amount of damage possible, all while removing or lightening sun spots, rosacea, brown spots and busted blood vessels. Who would make a good candidate for a Fotofacial treatment? Fotofacial treatments can help a wide variety of patients. Those who…

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Fotofacial treatments can revitalize and refresh your skin

Fotofacial - Charlotte, NC

Fotofacial is your skin problem solution Fotofacial, now called Forever Young BBL, can erase signs of aging from your skin. As we grow older, our skin begins to display signs of wear and tear. Everyday life is a battleground for our skin. Harsh rays from the sun, stress and the simple aging process itself can damage our skin and make us look years older than we actually are. Thanks to the technological advancements of modern science, there are solutions available for all of your skin woes. Dermatologists have been specially trained in both medical and cosmetic procedures of the skin, and can provide you with skin-rejuvenating treatments. If you have ever looked in the mirror and have been unhappy with the reflection looking back at you, now may be the time to explore Fotofacial. What is Fotofacial? Fotofacial operates using technology that is broadband light-based. This broadband light targets the signs of aging that are present on your skin, such as wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots. Fotofacial works by warming up the first few layers of the skin. This heat stimulates the skin cells to make more collagen, and since collagen is what keeps your skin looking tight and…

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