Ballantyne dermatologists offers medical and cosmetic services

Ballantyne Experienced Dermatologist - Charlotte NC

When to see a Charlotte dermatologist A Ballantyne dermatologist might be just the answer you need to your skin problems, large or small. Too often, people avoid going to the dermatologist because they think it’s unnecessary, or that their nagging skin issue isn’t “serious” enough to warrant a professional. Many times, a patient will waste money on ineffective over the counter remedies for skin problems that could be quickly and easily attended by a dermatologist. It’s smart to see a Ballantyne experienced dermatologist at least once a year for a checkup. This is necessary for important screenings, including skin cancer screening. However, there’s also a lot of other reasons to see a Ballantyne or Charlotte NC dermatologist. For some people, this may include medical or cosmetic issues. Types of dermatology Dermatology can be subdivided into medical, cosmetic, and surgical. Medical dermatology is the treatment of illnesses or ailments of the skin. Some of these ailments might include acne, psoriasis, eczema, extremely dry skin, rashes, and more. Medical dermatology can also include treatment of issues related to the hair and nails. Cosmetic dermatology focuses on aesthetic issues rather than ailments. Cosmetic dermatology can help improve the appearance of the skin. Oftentimes,…

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Ballantyne dermatologist specializes in cosmetic dermatology

Ballantyne best dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

What is cosmetic dermatology? Your Ballantyne best dermatologist can effectively treat visual imperfections using cosmetic dermatology. Cosmetic dermatology is the practice of addressing or eliminating skin flaws, such as signs of aging, scars, age spots, acne, and more. Cosmetic dermatology is practiced by medical professionals. Cosmetic dermatology is distinct from medical dermatology because it focuses specifically on treating the visual appearance of conditions, even if the condition itself may not be harmful or dangerous. Cosmetic dermatology can take many forms, ranging from topical applications to surgery. Some common treatments utilized by Ballantyne dermatologists include: BBL (Broad Based Light) for acne, scarring, or pigmentation Anti aging fillers, such as Juvederm or BOTOX Chemical peels and laser skin peels Microdermabrasion Body contouring Surgical removal of skin tags, moles, or other skin flaws Spider vein removal And many more How can cosmetic dermatology help me? Aesthetic conditions commonly treated by a Ballantyne best dermatologist include acne, scarring, wrinkles, dark circles, skin tags, spider veins, excessive hair growth, and many more. If you suffer from these or similar conditions, cosmetic dermatology might be right for you. While skin flaws may not be dangerous, they can impact your quality of life. Many people may feel…

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Ballantyne dermatologist combats signs of aging

Signs of Aging - Ballantyne experienced dermatologist

Ballantyne Dermatologist- Impacts of aging on the skin A Ballantyne dermatologist in Charlotte NC can help mitigate or even eliminate some of these unsightly marks. The visible impacts of aging on the skin is something few people want to flaunt. Aging of the skin can manifest itself many different ways, including lines and wrinkles, texture changes, and discoloration. Wrinkles, lines, and furrows occur when the skin loses its natural elasticity over time. This can be further exacerbated by exposure to sun and weather, and factors such as genetics and smoking. Texture changes are also a common indicator of skin aging. Older skin may look and feel thinner, drier, and “crepe-y”. It will not have the same softness or dewiness of younger skin. Discoloration, or age spots, are small, dark blemishes that appear on the surface of the skin over time. These may form on the hands, face, or elsewhere on the body. Like other signs of aging, the formation of age spots is influenced by genetics and lifestyle factors. How a dermatologist can reverse signs of aging There’s certainly nothing exciting or attractive about developing these visual signs of aging. However, many people feel resigned to them- they think that…

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Ballantyne dermatologist gives acne clearing tips

Acne Ballantyne Best Dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Ballantyne dermatologist has a few tips for those who are living with acne-prone skin Ballantyne dermatologists are available to help clear up acne. Acne can be a devastating condition that isn’t just a physical problem. Many people living with acne can suffer psychological and emotional damage due to years of being ridiculed for their skin. If you are living with acne, there are measures you can take to rid your skin of this condition. One of the best ways is to visit a Ballantyne best dermatologist who can work with you to develop a treatment plan that will address the underlying causes of your acne. We’ve put together a few other ways you can help clear-up your skin, and make it look radiant and fresh. Cut sugar out of your diet Sugar is delicious and addictive. Many people don’t realize how addicted they are to sugar until they try to cut it out of their diet. Eating an excessive amount of sugar, either by consuming unhealthy treats, or by drinking soda pop, can mess with your body’s physiological functions. Your body’s hormone balance can be altered when too much sugar is eaten, which can increase the amount of oil your…

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Ballantyne dermatologist talks about how to stop back acne

Ballantyne top dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Ballantyne dermatologists know that you want your back to be smooth and acne-free Ballantyne dermatologists can help the people of Charlotte, NC if they are suffering from severe back acne, or “bacne.” Acne on the back can be a miserable condition to live with. Many people who have severe back acne will not wear a swim-suit or backless dress or top out in public, for fear of being ridiculed. In the summer months, this can lead to missed opportunities and hot conditions from having to be covered up all the time. If you have back acne and are in need of help, then we’ve put together this guide made by Ballantyne dermatologists who can help you with your skin condition. What causes back acne? Ballantyne dermatologists are experts when it comes to acne of all kinds, whether it be on your face or on your back. The causes of back acne are very similar to the causes of acne on the face- genetics, bacteria, oily skin, and changes in hormones according to a Ballantyne top dermatologist. If back acne, or face acne, is prevalent in your family, then your genetics may make you pre-wired to experience lesions, such as pimples…

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