Ballantyne dermatologist gives acne clearing tips

Acne Ballantyne Best Dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Ballantyne dermatologist has a few tips for those who are living with acne-prone skin Ballantyne dermatologists are available to help clear up acne. Acne can be a devastating condition that isn’t just a physical problem. Many people living with acne can suffer psychological and emotional damage due to years of being ridiculed for their skin. If you are living with acne, there are measures you can take to rid your skin of this condition. One of the best ways is to visit a Ballantyne best dermatologist who can work with you to develop a treatment plan that will address the underlying causes of your acne. We’ve put together a few other ways you can help clear-up your skin, and make it look radiant and fresh. Cut sugar out of your diet Sugar is delicious and addictive. Many people don’t realize how addicted they are to sugar until they try to cut it out of their diet. Eating an excessive amount of sugar, either by consuming unhealthy treats, or by drinking soda pop, can mess with your body’s physiological functions. Your body’s hormone balance can be altered when too much sugar is eaten, which can increase the amount of oil your…

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Ballantyne dermatologist talks about how to stop back acne

Ballantyne top dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Ballantyne dermatologists know that you want your back to be smooth and acne-free Ballantyne dermatologists can help the people of Charlotte, NC if they are suffering from severe back acne, or “bacne.” Acne on the back can be a miserable condition to live with. Many people who have severe back acne will not wear a swim-suit or backless dress or top out in public, for fear of being ridiculed. In the summer months, this can lead to missed opportunities and hot conditions from having to be covered up all the time. If you have back acne and are in need of help, then we’ve put together this guide made by Ballantyne dermatologists who can help you with your skin condition. What causes back acne? Ballantyne dermatologists are experts when it comes to acne of all kinds, whether it be on your face or on your back. The causes of back acne are very similar to the causes of acne on the face- genetics, bacteria, oily skin, and changes in hormones according to a Ballantyne top dermatologist. If back acne, or face acne, is prevalent in your family, then your genetics may make you pre-wired to experience lesions, such as pimples…

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Ballantyne dermatologist offers MicroLaserPeel by SCITON

microlaserpeel - Ballantyne dermatologist

Ballantyne dermatologists have the solution to your skin aging woes Ballantyne dermatologists have the ability to make your skin look years younger. Over time, our skin starts to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Years of sun exposure and stress can have a toll on our facial skin, and can drive us crazy when we look in the mirror. Women have tried to counteract these skin problems for years by using creams bought from the drugstore and home remedies. However, it seems as though none of these solutions really work. There’s no need to continue to use products that our mothers and grandmothers have used for years without any tangible results. Thanks to modern science and the ever-emerging field of dermatology, there are now dermatological procedures that can reverse the signs of aging on your skin. One such treatment is the MicroLaserPeel by SCITON. This procedure, offered by Ballantyne dermatologists, can finally give you the results you’ve been searching for. What is the MicroLaserPeel by SCITON? A ballantyne top dermatologist can offer you this epidermal laser peel. A SCITON Erbium laser is used to vaporize the layer of skin that is unwanted. The MicroLaserPeel removes the outermost layers of skin, and…

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Ballantyne dermatologist treats your skin

Ballantyne dermatologist Charlotte NC

Ballantyne dermatologist for all your skin care needs Your Ballantyne dermatologist is ready to take care of your skin and treat you as a whole patient. There are physicians out there that see a medical problem as a distinct entity, instead of viewing it as one part of a larger whole. Dermatology is a complicated science that has many different aspects and entities to it, and you need a healthcare specialist that fully understands the scope of this discipline. There are many skin care services and treatments available in a dermatology practice to serve you and your skin care needs. Medical dermatology Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and as such has the potential to be in need of medical treatment just like any other organ system in your body. If you have just been diagnosed with a skin condition or disease and are looking for a Ballantyne dermatologist Charlotte NC, read up on the services that are available to you. Cancer has the ability to grow on and within your skin in the form of different types of skin cancer, most notably Melanoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, there…

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Ballantyne dermatologist promotes self-tanning

Ballantyne reliable dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Tanning is dangerous As the warm sunny season approaches, Ballantyne reliable dermatologist is concerned that many people will be out in the sun, looking for a tan. Many cultures around the world hold the perception that tanned skin is more appealing, and we in this country are no different. Some even consider tanned skin to be healthy looking. Sun bathing is the most common method of tanning, and the reality is that prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays is risky and unhealthy. Tanning salons are just as hazardous as sunbathing. The only way to get a tan without undergoing excessive exposure to the sun’s rays is to use chemical products which can produce a tanned skin tone, without the need for exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Sun-bathers should consider themselves fortunate if the only health effect that they experience is premature aging of the skin. Your skin is about much more than your appearance; it plays a major role in proper body function. If you decide to use a self-tanning product, check with a board-certified Ballantyne reliable dermatologist, to determine the best product(s) for your needs. Explaining DHA The effective ingredient in the most effective spray tan or self-tanning products, is…

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