Cosmetic dermatology solutions for age spots

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Understanding age spots Your Ballantyne dermatologist knows that no one likes to see the appearance of age spots on their face or body. These characteristic brown and black spots, commonly occur on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun. They are commonly known as age spots, sun spots, or even liver spots. The last description is somewhat puzzling because they have nothing to do with the liver. Age spots should not be confused with freckles, which usually appear on the face and body of adults and children with fair skin and red or blonde hair. Age spots are distinctive patches or spots that are typically found on the face, arms and hands after years of excessive exposure to the sun. When you notice age spots Age spots are inevitable for most people, that does not mean that you have to embrace their premature appearance on your skin. Some people only have one or two, while others must deal with many spots, some of which can be prominent on the face, hands or neck. These brown spots are bothersome for lots of people. The good news is that age spots can be treated. The first time you notice…

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Ballantyne dermatologist rejuvenates sun damaged skin

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Summer season transition Visit your experienced Ballantyne dermatologist to get your skin looking its best for the summer season. You will want to look your best for all the important events of the season, such as commencement ceremonies, weddings, and vacations at the beach. You also want your skin as healthy as possible, and know how to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is possible to enjoy the sun if you understand how to properly protect yourself. We want to offer some helpful tips for you and your family. Early intervention We are always concerned about sun-damaged skin because it can eventually lead to early stages of skin cancer. It becomes increasingly crucial to develop healthy habits as we grow older. This can dramatically lower our risk of skin cancer. Regardless of age, everyone should be diligent in keeping your skin as safe as possible. If you have children, make it a high priority to teach them to protect their skin from the sun. The importance of sun screen Consistent application of a sunblock or sunscreen is the first step in proper skin care according to experienced Ballantyne dermatologist. Sun screen should be 30-50 SPF, and made…

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Annual checkup with your Charlotte dermatologist

board-certified Charlotte dermatologist - Charlotte, NC

Charlotte dermatology Even if you are happy with the condition of your skin, at least once a year, you should see a board-certified Charlotte dermatologist for an annual skin checkup. In order to find the most competent and caring doctor, you must trust your instincts and do a little homework. It is crucial that you look for a board-certified dermatologist, who has been trained to identify and help you recognize aging skin conditions, and who understands the best procedures for akin repair and rejuvenation. Why board-certified? There are many facilities and non-medical establishments that are in business to take advantage of the great demand for skin care. Many are set up or supervised by doctors who do not actually specialize in skin care. Dermatology is a specialized medical specialty just like anesthesiology, endocrinology, or cardiac care, to name a few. Unfortunately, magazine, television, and radio commercials are used to convince millions of people that skin care is a “do it yourself” venture. You will see the best results when your skin condition has been diagnosed and treated by one of the top dermatologists in Charlotte, especially one who has been certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Asking your friends…

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Ballantyne dermatologist tips to deal with sunburn

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Dealing with sunburn Your board certified Ballantyne dermatologist send out a timely warning regarding inadvertent sunburn. As we get the last throes of winter out of our system, we rush to get out in the springtime sun amongst the flowering dogwoods and magnolia blossoms. In our excitement, Inevitably, someone will experience severe sunburn. Some will fall asleep while sunbathing, others may spend too much time out on the water, or out on the golf course without any sun block. Many will be totally incognizant of the fact that their skin can burn even on cloudy days. Sunburn is largely preventable, but when it happens, it should be treated as soon as it is discovered. At the first sign of sunburn, get out of the sun. Consider these helpful tips that can provide relief from your discomfort: Cool down your skin Try using a cool, damp towel for 10 to 15 minutes for temporary pain relief. Cool baths or showers are also will help to relieve the pain. After showering, gently remove most of the water, leaving a little water on your skin. Although it may be uncomfortable, wear clothing that covers your skin when exposed to sunlight. Use a healing…

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Problems with my skin: Living with contact dermatitis

contact dermatitis - Charlotte, NC

Springtime allergies and skin conditions We have begun to hear from those who say that they dread the advent of spring because they have, “Problems with my skin.” Spring season and all of its allergens is on its way in many parts of the country. Anyone who is affected by contact dermatitis should stop and think about your skin. For example, gardening or tending to your landscape can be therapeutic for most of us. For some, it can be a challenging ordeal that will lead to unsightly and uncomfortable irritation of the skin. Others develop problems because they take medications that carry a side effect of sun sensitivity. For them, a few hours of pleasant activity can lead to a week or two looking like a lobster because of medication. It is important for everyone that we take simple precautions such as taking a shower or washing exposed areas after working or playing outdoors. A simple 5-minute shower can remove allergens such as pollens and mold spores from your skin and your hair. Recognizing contact dermatitis Contact dermatitis affect individuals to varying degrees. Some may experience only mild redness and itching, while the truly unfortunate individuals can suffer a severe…

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