Halo by Sciton renews your skin with minimal downtime

Halo by Sciton

Halo by Sciton is the skin renewing procedure you’ve been waiting for Halo by Sciton can give your skin a fresh, young look. Each of us has needs when it comes to finding the right skin renewing procedure. Many of us do not have time to undergo a skin treatment that requires days, or weeks, of downtime for recovery. Since the majority of us have jobs or other responsibilities, we simply do not have the ability to stay at home and do nothing for an extended period of time. However, there are those who do have the ability to take a few days of rest, and can undergo a treatment that is more on the intense side. This is where it can meet everybody’s needs. By choosing between lighter treatments that require no downtime, to higher energy treatments that may require an extended period of recovery, the patient has the ability to control their skin procedure according to their life. What is Halo by Sciton? Halo by Sciton is a revolutionary skin youthening procedure that many men and women across the country have already taken advantage of. We all know that as we grow older, our skin starts to lose…

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Charlotte dermatologist discusses shingles prevention

Shingles - Charlotte NC dermatologist

  Charlotte dermatologist discusses the painful virus known as shingles and how to prevent it Charlotte dermatologists have extensive experience working with patients who are suffering from the condition known as shingles. Shingles is caused by the same virus that gives people chickenpox – varicella-zoster. While there is currently a vaccine for chickenpox, we are still living with a generation of people that have not received the chickenpox vaccine, and have instead had the disease in the past. Children usually catch chickenpox from a sibling, or friend, and will typically recover completely from the infection. However, what many people don’t know is that if you’ve had chickenpox, the virus is living inside of your body, dormant in your nervous system. The varicella-zoster virus has the ability to reactivate at any time and leave you with the infection known as shingles. (Shingles is typically seen in the elderly or immunocompromised population.) Charlotte dermatologists have the ability to treat pain caused by shingles, and can offer prevention from this infection in the first place. What is the infection known as shingles? Shingles is a painful infection that is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. The first symptom of shingles involves feeling pain over…

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Problems with my skin can be helped with ProFractional

Problems with my skin - Charlotte NC

Problems with skin are bothersome and annoying Problems with skin can get in the way of living a normal life. Finding the right dermatological procedure to help you with your skin problems can be difficult. There are so many different options available on the market, and it’s important to research which procedure is the right one for you. It is always best to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to discuss your problems and treatment expectations, however, reading up on skin treatments is also an excellent idea to help problems with my skin. The ProFractional treatment is one such dermatological procedure that may be able to help you refresh the appearance of your skin. By using a laser microbeam to pinpoint the exact spots on your skin that need rejuvenating, this procedure can give you the ideal skin you’ve been looking for. What is the ProFractional treatment? The ProFractional laser can eliminate the appearance of many facial flaws and problems with skin. The laser works by creating microscopic channels in the layers of the skin that are surrounded by skin that is healthy and untreated. The healthy skin will then speed up the body’s healing process. By doing this, new…

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Ballantyne dermatologist offers MicroLaserPeel by SCITON

microlaserpeel - Ballantyne dermatologist

Ballantyne dermatologists have the solution to your skin aging woes Ballantyne dermatologists have the ability to make your skin look years younger. Over time, our skin starts to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Years of sun exposure and stress can have a toll on our facial skin, and can drive us crazy when we look in the mirror. Women have tried to counteract these skin problems for years by using creams bought from the drugstore and home remedies. However, it seems as though none of these solutions really work. There’s no need to continue to use products that our mothers and grandmothers have used for years without any tangible results. Thanks to modern science and the ever-emerging field of dermatology, there are now dermatological procedures that can reverse the signs of aging on your skin. One such treatment is the MicroLaserPeel by SCITON. This procedure, offered by Ballantyne dermatologists, can finally give you the results you’ve been searching for. What is the MicroLaserPeel by SCITON? A ballantyne top dermatologist can offer you this epidermal laser peel. A SCITON Erbium laser is used to vaporize the layer of skin that is unwanted. The MicroLaserPeel removes the outermost layers of skin, and…

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Vanquish ME can rid your body of stubborn fat

Vanquish ME - Charlotte, NC

Vanquish ME is the best fat-removal technology on the market Vanquish ME is a dermatological procedure that can sculpt your body to look more like the physique you wish you had. Diet and exercise are great supplements to a healthy lifestyle, and can help you ward off disease and live a vigorous life. However, simply eating better and working out more can’t deliver the aesthetic results we desire sometimes. A person can adhere to a strict diet and workout schedule and can still be unhappy when they look in the mirror. This is where a dermatologist can assist all those who have yet to achieve the physical results they desire. Vanquish ME is a dermatological procedure that uses RF technology that is non-invasive and pain-free. Unlike other fat-removal technologies, Vanquish ME is quick and will not cause any discomfort. This groundbreaking cosmetic dermatological procedure can help all those who are struggling with their body’s appearance. What is Vanquish ME? Vanquish ME uses selective RF technology that destroys fat cells by delivering energy to specific areas of the body. This device is revolutionary in that it never comes into contact with your skin, and instead is a completely non-invasive form of…

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