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When to see a Charlotte dermatologist

A Ballantyne dermatologist might be just the answer you need to your skin problems, large or small. Too often, people avoid going to the dermatologist because they think it’s unnecessary, or that their nagging skin issue isn’t “serious” enough to warrant a professional. Many times, a patient will waste money on ineffective over the counter remedies for skin problems that could be quickly and easily attended by a dermatologist.

It’s smart to see a Ballantyne experienced dermatologist at least once a year for a checkup. This is necessary for important screenings, including skin cancer screening. However, there’s also a lot of other reasons to see a Ballantyne or Charlotte NC dermatologist. For some people, this may include medical or cosmetic issues.

Types of dermatology

Dermatology can be subdivided into medical, cosmetic, and surgical.

Medical dermatology is the treatment of illnesses or ailments of the skin. Some of these ailments might include acne, psoriasis, eczema, extremely dry skin, rashes, and more. Medical dermatology can also include treatment of issues related to the hair and nails.

Cosmetic dermatology focuses on aesthetic issues rather than ailments. Cosmetic dermatology can help improve the appearance of the skin. Oftentimes, this takes the form of anti-aging treatments such as topical applications, dermabrasion, laser treatments, and fillers. Cosmetic dermatology can also help reduce or eliminate the appearance of unsightly marks, like scars or discoloration.

Many people in Charlotte feel better pursuing cosmetic dermatology treatments from a Ballantyne experienced dermatologist, rather than a day spa or medical spa where the treatment providers may not be experienced or licensed.

What to expect when visiting your Charlotte dermatologist

There’s no reason to fear a trip to the Ballantyne experienced dermatologist- it is generally a fairly quick and pain free experience. On your first visit, your doctor will ask about your medical history and your reasons for the appointment. He or she will then do a thorough examination of your skin.

If lab tests or biopsies are required, they may be ordered at this time. Once your dermatologist has all the necessary information, he or she will discuss your treatment plan and future visits.

Choosing your Ballantyne dermatologist

When choosing your dermatologist, you will want a practitioner that is well versed in the needs of cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatology. In the Charlotte NC area, trust Dr. Deborah Nixon of Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte. Dr. Nixon and her experienced staff have helped patients in Ballantyne and throughout the greater Charlotte NC area with all their dermatological needs.

Remember, as part of your regular skin care regime it is important to see a dermatologist at least once a year for a checkup. Contact Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte today to schedule your initial appointment.


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