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What causes acne?

Did you know that a Ballantyne dermatologist offers effective treatment for acne and acne scars? It seems that most people know what acne looks like, but few people know its causes. Acne is actually an inflammatory condition that most commonly occurs on the face, but acne is also seen on the chest, back and other parts of the body. There are multiple factors that cause or determine the severity of acne according to one of the best Ballantyne dermatologists. The most common factors are:

  1. Heredity
  2. The skin’s oil production
  3. Bacteria
  4. Diet and lifestyle
  5. Skin care products

There is wide disagreement amongst doctors and researchers regarding the theory that certain foods, such as dairy products or chocolate, may contribute to the development of acne. Many young adults can develop acne after using products that are inappropriate for their skin. When discovered, such acne can be reversed by changing to an appropriate skin care regimen. It is important to consult with one of the board certified Ballantyne dermatologists before you take any steps to treat even the mildest outbreaks of acne.

Dermatologist can offer a variety of effective treatments for acne:

  • This usually includes combining two or more treatments for the average patient.
  • The most commonly recommended treatments include topical therapy, antibiotics, prescription medications, and oral contraceptives.
  • Antibiotics are generally combined with some form of topical therapy in cases of moderate to severe outbreaks.
  • Once the course of antibiotics has been completed, patients are often asked to continue using topical treatments in an effort to continue to manage the condition.
  • The most common topical medications are Retinoids and benzoyl peroxide.
  • In some cases, female patients may see their acne improve with the use of oral contraceptives.

When a case of acne is so severe that it does not respond to typical therapies:

  • Your dermatologist may recommend an oral prescription medication
  • Oral prescription medications must be monitored and used carefully.
  • Female patients must use extreme caution to avoid using the drug during pregnancy.
  • In the event that prescription medications are needed, your one of the best Ballantyne dermatologists will keep you informed of the risks.

Dermatologist in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte

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