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Understanding contact dermatitis

Adults and children in the Charlotte area seek treatment from a Ballantyne dermatologist because of contact dermatitis. Allergic contact dermatitis, otherwise known as ACD, develops when someone’s skin has an allergic reaction to any substance placed on the skin. When we hear the term, our first concerns lean towards the dangerous chemicals in household cleaning products. However, contact dermatitis can be caused by helpful products that are designed to be placed on our skin such as:

  • antibiotic creams
  • hand soaps
  • shampoos
  • lotions
  • perfumes
  • makeup

Virtually any product or material can make the skin react and develop an itchy, red, scaling rash. If the reaction is severe, blisters may occur. Your dermatologist can recommend and provide the proper medical treatment that can diminish or to control the symptoms. The offending allergen is usually revealed after a comprehensive examination and patch testing.

Irritation of the skin

Contact dermatitis is the collective term for an irritation of the skin that results in a rash caused by something that can be categorized as an allergen. The reaction to allergens will vary from one individual to another. The body’s immune system overreacts to a foreign substance, whether it is something that we touch or something that we consume in food or medicine. Not everyone experiences a reaction the very first time they are exposed to an allergen. Patients should realize that the rashes that result from contact dermatitis are not contagious.

Dealing with contact dermatitis

Once someone has experienced contact dermatitis, they want to be more careful regarding exposure to household substances. When using cleaning products that are labeled dangerous, poisonous, or that should be used in a well-ventilated area; be sure to wear gloves and protective clothing. If you do experience a reaction, immediately wash your skin with a mild, fragrance-free soap. If you develop a rash that becomes serious enough to interfere with your daily activities, schedule an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist. He or she can provide treatment that can clear up most cases of contact dermatitis within a few weeks.

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