Newsletter from Dermatology Specialists of Charlotte:  August 2016

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BTL Aesthetics- don't believe the hype- trust the scienceBTL Aesthetics
Don’t believe the hype- trust the science

A recently published JDD study found that BTL Vanquish ME reduces the abdominal fat layer thickness by 5.36 mm (standard deviation +/-1.49mm) on average without manual massage. Compare this result to the 1.93mm reduction (standard deviation +/-1.1mm) for Cryolipolysis and slightly more than 3mm reduction for the 1060 diode laser.

In addition, the study found overall circumference reduction was between 1.93 inches to 2.23 inches depending upon the area of the abdomen treated with the BTL Vanquish ME. Learn more here.

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Prevent and treat blisters- from your Charlotte dermatologist- DSCMDHow to prevent and treat blisters

A blister can quickly sideline summer plans, but it doesn’t have to. In this new video, you’ll learn how to avoid getting one, especially on blister-prone skin like your feet. If you already have a blister, you’ll find out how to treat it at home and when you should see a dermatologist.
Watch the video here.

Your skin problem could be poorly controlled diabetes:skin problem could be undiagnosed diabetes- see your ballantyne dermatologist at DSCMD

Your skin problem could mean poorly controlled (or undiagnosed) diabetes.  Do you have a skin problem that just won’t clear? If you see any of these signs on your skin, it’s time to talk with your doctor.

Read more here: Diabetes: 12 warning signs that can appear on your skin

ringworm increases in the humid weather- see your ballantyne dermatologist- DSCMDRingworm increases in the hot, humid weather. 

Ringworm is a fungus (not a worm) that can infect your skin, scalp, or nails. Nearly everyone gets it as some point, and summer is an especially common time to catch it. You’ll find the symptoms and learn why treatment is so important here. 


Impetigo: A common skin infection among kidsImpetigo is common among kids- see your Charlotte dermatologist at DSCMD

While highly contagious, impetigo is rarely serious. It often clears on its own in a few weeks. Treatment, however, is recommended.

Learn more about Impetigo here. 

Molluscum contagiosum: To treat or not to treat?
Learn more about Molluscum Contagiosum from your Ballantyne Dermatologist- DSCMD

Molluscum Contagiosum. Yes, it is contagious and can spread to other parts of the body. That why it’s so important to see a dermatologist, who can tell you if you need treatment to see clearing.

You’ll find the treatment options here.

Itchy mole? Time to see a dermatologist!See your Ballantyne dermatologist for an itchy mole- dscmd

Tom’s mole was pinhead sized, but the intense itch led him to see a dermatologist. Now this melanoma survivor is sharing his story because he wants everyone to know how important it is to see a dermatologist “if something looks a little suspicious.”


Facebook: AAD’s most popular post in June: There’s no such thing as a healthy tan. Our new PSA warns young women to stop tanning and protect their skin from the sun.

Twitter: AAD’s most popular retweet in June: Today is #SunglassesDay! Protect your eyes from the sun with your favorite pair of shades.


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