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Dealing with acne

Acne, is not just a teenaged skin issue, it is one of the most common complaints for people of all ages and skin types. The misconception is understandable because acne is most commonly experienced during the teen years, but what is largely unknown is that teen acne continues as a problem well into adulthood. Having said that, there are some significant differences between teen acne and adult acne.

Understanding teen acne

For most teens, hormones play a substantial role in the development of skin acne. Pre and post puberty, specific hormones can cause glands in the skin to increase the production of sebum. Sebum is produced by the skin as a natural way to moisturize and protect our skin. However, when excessive amounts of sebum get mixed with dead skin cells, there is significant clogging of the pores and hair follicles. Clogged pores are the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Bacterial growth within the pores, causes an inflammatory response from the immune system. Thus, we notice pockets of redness, swelling, and pus.

Understanding adult acne

Adult acne is the result of more varied causes than just clogged pores. Adult acne may be the culmination of one or more causes such as hormonal changes or disorders, response to stress, the use of certain medications, and/or genetic skin conditions. Typically, adult acne tends to be less severe, and often involves the neck, jaw line, or cheeks instead of the central face.

Acne treatment options

Logically, acne treatment will vary from patient to patient, depending on which factors are responsible for the outbreak of acne. Your Charlotte dermatologist will develop an individualized treatment plan for every person. There are also new medications that may be able to resolve or subdue acne scars. Certain oral medications such as birth control pills as a means of blocking the effects of hormones that increase the production of sebum by the oil glands. This type of treatment is not useful for males, but can be highly effective for women with hormonally driven acne.

Treatment options for acne patients may include:


Acne treatment from your Ballantyne dermatologists

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